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2 bedroom, 2.5 bath condo for rent | Parents of Ole Miss Forum | olemissparents
Mar 7, 2018

2 bedroom, 2.5 bath condo for rent


 It is 2 bedroom, 2.5 baths with both bedrooms upstairs and each having an attached bath.  There is tile in the whole downstairs and the upstairs bathrooms.  Carpet is on the stairs and in the bedrooms.  There is a fenced back patio and this unit backs up to the pool.  The condos are 1 mile from campus off of Jackson/Anderson,

gated, parking spaces directly in front of the condo, on the bus line and are quiet.  $1200 per month plus utilities (they average $100-$125 per month). Cable/wifi included.   Price is unfurnished, but we are willing to work something out as far as sofa, beds and stocked kitchen, etc.  Please let me know if you have any questions, would like more photos and/

or would like to see it in person.  214.679.2489


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  • Moving can be quite a stressful endeavor. This is particularly true if you’re a college student. Not only are your finals probably just around the corner, but now you also need to think about moving your things out once the year is done. And while this period will certainly feel hectic no matter what you do, there are things you can do and ways you can make everything at least a bit less stressful. Here are a few useful tips. Start planning on time If you’re in your last year of college, you know that you will have to move out sooner or later. That’s why it’s always a good idea to start planning for the move as soon as possible. Over time, this may encourage you to downsize and declutter your room and embrace a more minimalistic mindset. Simply put, the fewer things you have to move out, the easier the entire process will be. So, see if there are any things in your room you can declutter and donate and get rid of anything you don’t actually need. Create a schedule Aside from creating a plan, you should also try to create a moving schedule. This does not just apply to the moving day, but also all the days leading to it. So, as the moving date approaches, decide which things you can pack days and even weeks in advance, to reduce the amount of last-minute packing that needs to be done. For instance, all of your non-college related books can be packed up in advance, because chances are that you won’t really have the time to sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite light read during this period. Also, see to it that you pack up any off-season clothes you might have because you won’t really be needing those either. Finally, create a check-list that will help you stay on the right track. Ask your friends to help Moreover, everything’s more fun if you do it with someone else. That’s why you should see if any of your friends are willing to help you pack and move. Since it’s likely that not all of you will be moving the same day, that allows you to see how you can help each other out. Of course, if any of your friends end up helping you make sure you return the favor. Book a vehicle Getting your things all packed up and ready for the move is, however, not the trickiest part. Actually, relocating your things to a new location is the trickier part. This is something you want to think about well in advance in order to ensure that you have a way to relocate your things when the time comes. You can choose to hire a moving company, but do know that the demand will be high during this period. Instead, you should consider checking out truck rentals and moving all of the things yourself. Your friends and family can help you load the trucks which will provide you with another dose of security, knowing that none of your things will end up being stolen or damaged. Find the right containers Deciding what you want to pack your stuff in is another thing you should consider before the move. Many people choose to pack their belongings in trash bags and similar containers. While this may seem like the most practical solution, the fact is that it is not always the best one. That’s why you consider obtaining moving boxes and pack all of your belongings in them. Not only will your items be more tightly packed this way, but you can actually label the boxes for easier recognition of their content. Double-check your moving list Finally, ensure that you double-check your moving list and see that you’ve packed everything up and that nothing has been left behind. During the move, it’s quite easy to leave behind things you’ve maybe wanted to pack last or forgot to pack up in the first place. Alternatively, you can tick things off the list as you load the items in the moving vehicle to ensure that everything is, in fact, packed and ready to go. So, if the time to move from your current location is approaching, you should start planning for the move on time. Organize everything to the last detail, make a clear moving plan, see to it that you pack up all of your belongings and be 100% ready when the moving day comes.
  • People with money have always looked at the real estate market as a relatively safe playing ground where they can make their first investment steps or an easy way to establish another income flow. This relative safety is granted by two simple facts – people are in constant pursuit of housing and, unlike other investment options, properties produce passive income and represent a renewable source of capital. Still, in spite of all these general traits, different property types offer different sets of pros and cons. Here, we will take a look where duplexes stand in the grand scheme of things and some strategies you can use to invest in this type of premise. What is a duplex? If you are unfamiliar with the term, the word duplex describes a house that consists of two separate living units with two separate entrances. Sometimes, these units are located on top of each other. More often, they are both accessed from the ground level. Either way, investing in a twin-home represents a strategy that allows you to rent the property to two different families at once. Pros and cons of investing in a duplex This fact alone creates a very unique value proposition that makes duplexes one of the most interesting investment options in the real estate market. Let us break down some of the pros and cons produced by such a setup. What makes a duplex a good investment Rental income – Since a duplex, essentially, represents a two-family property, you are in a position to rent both units and double the rental income. Affordability – This type of investment grants you two housing units at the price that’s far lower than the price of two separate properties. Ease of financing – Taking into consideration this level of versatility, it comes as a very pleasant surprise that duplex financing is performed through all regular channels (conventional loans, FHA loans, cash, etc.) Of course, we have to point out that a duplex investment represents such a popular beginner option because you can simply move into one unit, rent the other, live for free and have a great deal of the mortgage covered. Things to look out for Maintenance – Since the property will be occupied by two families at once, you can expect the maintenance costs to rise above the average. Vacancies – Finding tenants is hard. Filling two vacancies is even harder. However, as we already mentioned, these problems can be offset by moving into one of the compartments. As we can see, duplexes are by no means a perfect investment, but both the drawbacks we've covered aren't severe enough to prevent you from enjoying a couple of more than lucrative benefits. The investment strategy for beginners And now that we’ve covered the basics and established what the duplexes are actually all about, let us take a look at a couple of ways you can tilt the odds even more to your advantage. Leverage the tax benefits – Although local legislation varies from country to country, duplex properties often come with attached tax advantages. For instance, you are often allowed to claim the tax deductions the very same year you have bought the property. Lower the rents – Since you have acquired a two-family property at a price that's just slightly higher than a single-family house, you can do a lot to attract the prospective tenants by slightly lowering the rent. Leverage the location – Unlike regular properties, duplexes are far less spread out. That is why you should use this fact to your advantage and invest in duplex projects rather than buying existing properties. Hot locations in combination with lowered rents will help your investment earn a lot of heat. We hope these few considerations helped you realize just how valuable duplexes can prove to be if selected and managed properly. No matter whether you are just making your first investing steps or you are simply looking for yet another source of income, this is the feather you most definitely want in your cap.
  • Finding the apartment to rent is not always easy, and sometimes it can be downright tiresome and stressful. However, there are always some effective tips that can help you get the best apartment for your money, even if you’re looking for a place in a big city. 1. Set your budget Before you start looking for an apartment, you need to set up your budget for it. This will help you narrow down your search so that you don’t get overwhelmed with a bunch of ads. What’s more, if you’re not pressed with time, it might be better to look for an apartment during fall and winter, as the rent prices tend to drop during these seasons compared to spring and summer. Of course, when you do an online search, you might want to include those apartments that are just around 10% over your budget. If you really like what you see, you might be able to negotiate the final price with the landlord if you’re ready to sign a long-term lease or pay a couple-of-months-worth of rent in advance. 2. Focus on the city areas you’re interested in Why waste time with properties that might be in city areas that simply don’t work for you. Essentially, aside from price, you want to do an even more thorough narrow-down with the neighbourhoods. After all, you should always know what you’re looking for before you even start the search. This includes transportation in the area, entertainment options, vicinity to your workplace and maybe even the city centre, as well as other important details that you might find crucial. For instance, if you’re set on looking up the great house and land packages in Austral , use the location to segment your search effectively. 3. Keep notes In case you were able to view a couple of different apartments, you should definitely keep track of all the pros and cons for each apartment. So, you want to have a complete list of amenities, the price of rent and bills, the feel of the neighbourhood, surrounding greenery and transport, little details that might matter to you such as wall colours and furniture layout, and so on. Anything and everything that might feel significant to you in regard to your place of residence should be written in these notes so that you can make the best decision confidently. 4. Consider a roommate If you’re already looking for a new apartment with a roommate, that’s great for both of you. But, if you’re looking for a place on your own yet you wouldn’t mind sharing the apartment with another person, having a roommate can make things a lot easier. For starters, larger apartments tend to end up cheaper once roommates split the cost of the rent. Not to mention that you’ll get to put double the effort when looking for the apartment. However, it’s crucial to mention that you should only consider having a roommate if you know that this person is reliable and responsible. 5. Ask relevant questions It’s not just that you need to find an apartment and call it yours. The landlord has to approve you among other candidates as well. This can be especially challenging in big cities. In order to get considered as a tenant before someone else, you should present yourself in the best light possible. This might be clear to you already, but don’t forget to use the questions tactic as well. Essentially, you want to show responsible and reliable nature by asking relevant questions about utilities, the best time to pay the rent, possibilities of the lease extension, move-in and move-out fees, and so on. A bit of luck is always needed when looking for an apartment in a big city, but that luck will come sooner if you know how to get into the search and renting process properly.


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