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Available-Hotel for Ole Miss Game- Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Oxford 1 King Bed Suite.This weekend, Fri. Sept. 7- Sun.9th $249 a night. | olemissparents
Sep 5, 2018

Available-Hotel for Ole Miss Game- Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Oxford 1 King Bed Suite.This weekend, Fri. Sept. 7- Sun.9th $249 a night.

Sep 7, 2018

Room Still Available for a great Rate!

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  • It’s not easy seeing your child leave the comfort of the nest and flying away. While, as a parent, you can feel a bit helpless, knowing your child is in a foreign country, studying abroad will be rewarding for them in countless ways. Your beloved offspring will return as a more adult individual, full of wisdom that comes with having to look after themselves and getting to closely know a different culture. Despite the many miles between you, you can still do a lot before and after sending your child to study abroad that will put your mind a bit more at ease. Do the research This isn’t your typical one-day task. Take your time in researching the school or university your child is going to attend – is the course in question easy or rigorous? What is the equivalent in your country of the points or degree they will earn? Google, chat with online councillors and check out the commodities the campus offers. Don’t forget to look beyond education – learn more about the culture and mentality of the country in question. Set requirements in order Almost all universities require that future foreign students prove their knowledge of English, usually by providing a test certificate or a degree. Besides, your child should be proficient anyway because knowing how to communicate in a widely-known language will make their stay easier and more productive. Enrolling them on time into PTE classes is a good idea, since it gives the child enough time to prepare for the test by going over their English Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills. Seeing how the whole test takes just 3 hours at an official center, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and knowledge that your child now has a widely-recognized certificate of English knowledge. The test prep at EnglishWise is a well-rounded package that includes all necessary materials, coaching, assessments, personal feedback, strategies, etc. Prepare the child for everything You helped your kid get the certificate of English language, you both got accustomed to the culture of the destination country, and what now? You should be ready for as many unforeseen circumstances as you can – visit your doctor before the trip because a checkup never hurts. Pack them a basic first aid kit and ensure they have enough of their specially-prescribed medicine if there is a need for it. Moreover, journeys to other countries sometimes require special vaccinations, so consult your GP on this matter. Of course, emergency phone numbers are also needed, because even though such occasions arise rarely, you want to be sure that your kid knows who to contact in case they need assistance. It’s just common sense – if you think about it, your child should know emergency numbers in their native country, too, right? And another thing to keep in mind is that your child should have packed clothes and shoes for a lot of unforeseen weather – rain, snow, summer heat… Take care of the money Whether your kid has a scholarship or not, there will be considerable costs to take care of. First of all, don’t sugarcoat things and be realistic. Be sure to check the currency and its fluctuations. Help your child open a bank account, so you can send them money quickly in case of an emergency. Apart from this, bear in mind that studying at the university also brings some costs , from counselling to books, so add this up to the bill. Moreover, it is a given that your child should, to some extent, be able to get to know the country they’re studying at through more than just attending school. They should be able to go on field trips with new friends, attend concerts, buy transportation tickets… that’s why allowance is another must. Say goodbye Sure, saying goodbye to your child for some time is hard. But rest assured you will find that time passes by quickly. Why? Because if you and your child have a relationship where they update you on the exciting new things that happen in their lives, you will see that these novelties fill your life too. Apart from this, you can make the ordeal easier by sending them holiday cards, care packages that remind them of home and of course you can send each other pics, videos, and messages on WhatsApp, Viber, and other instant messaging apps. Breathe in, breathe out. And remember, this move you’re making, it’s ultimately a priceless life lesson for the little ones. And is there a better gift a parent can gift to their beloved child?
  • Guess what – it is time for the spookiest period of the year, and we cannot be more excited about it. Halloween is, next to Xmas and Easter, the most popular holiday, and there are good reasons for that. Bobbing for apples, decorating our homes in the spookiest manner and carving pumpkins, the smell of pumpkin spice latte all around us, witches and trolls looking at us from the windows, and one amazing costume in the closet just for us to wear on that amazing day. This year and last year were years of women, so it is time we taught our little girls to dress up in an empowering costume. Enough with the princesses who cannot live without their prince. Enough with the nurses that are always underneath some strong male doctors. Let’s see all the things your little girl can be this Halloween that will teach her how to be a strong, independent woman. 1. Go with Brave If your little girl really wants to go to Halloween dressed as a Disney princess, really, no problem. But there are so many other princesses she can choose, such as Merida, for example. Merida is one of the few Disney princesses that never asked for love and has no prince , yet all the little girls around the world love her. She is strong, smart and fearless. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a costume of Merida, but if not, you can always go with Mulan. 2. Banshee time Unless your little girl wants something cute, then you know what you have to do – go for something wicked. Since witches are quite passé right now, you can find a different female creature of the night – the banshee. Banshees are also very scary, and they are more independent than witches. The only thing you will need is a white wig, a black dress and a pair of very realistic Halloween contact lenses and you have yourself a look for your little girl. She will look amazing and very powerful on this wicked night. 3. It’s LeviOsa – Hermione Granger This might be a very popular Halloween costume, but you should go with it for two reasons. First of all, Halloween is an amazing time to rewatch Harry Potter and show your respect towards this iconic magical world JKR created, and secondly – come on, it’s Hermione! This costume will always be super cute. Unlike other witches (except McGonagall, who can also serve as an amazing and empowering Halloween costume), Hermione was incredibly strong and witty from the first moment in the book until her very last. She is definitely someone young girls should look up to. 4. Back to basics – Rosie the Riveter There is no feministic movement that can happen without the symbol of Rosie the Riveter . For this Halloween look, you will only need a couple of vintage pieces and a nice headband. Raise your hand, show your muscles and there you go! 5. What about RBG A great idea would be to transform your little one in RBG, or as the world knows her – Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She became a supreme court justice in 1993 and is one of only four women ever to serve on the supreme court. She is incredibly strong and smart, and we have to be honest – super cute. Imagine your little one dressed in vintage suits with big glasses and a hairstyle like Ruth’s! 6. Monobrow is once again in – Frida Kahlo’s ghost Lastly, there is always the idea of combining a historically important female figure and being scary. Namely, you can go with Frida Kahlo, one of the most important female artists and dressing your little girl up in Frida’s ghost. Both spooky for the Halloween and incredibly educational not only to your little girl, but to other kids at school as well. Frida was strong and she never let her disability tell her who she was. Definitely empowering.  Here you go – 6 amazing ideas for your little girl’s Halloween costume. As already said, enough with the clichés. Enough with the nurses, teachers, princesses, queens. Little girls need someone to look up to, and finding a strong woman and using her as inspiration will definitely do wonders for your daughter’s wellbeing and attitude towards the world. 
  • It’s every parent's desire to see their children happy, healthy and successful. This requires good upbringing and quality education. However, practical knowledge and useful skills aren’t all there is to know about life. It’s also essential to invest a lot of time and patience into your children so that they grow up to be kind and honest people. Teaching them how to interact with people and other children in their life is one way to achieve this, and another is showing them how to care for the environment and love nature and all its gifts. Here are some interesting ways to instill a love for nature in your kids. Spend some time together in your backyard If there’s enough room in your backyard for a tree or two, some bushes, flowers or an eco-friendly garden, use it to teach your kids some basic gardening skills and, through this, work on enhancing their appreciation for nature. Teach them how to make compost , how to use gardening tools and how to grow organic fruit and vegetables. Not only will this activity be pleasurable to your kid, since they’re always excited about doing what their parents do, but they will also get the chance to acquire some new and valuable skills. They will be thrilled to observe plants as they grow, especially if those plants are food and they get to pick them and eat them once everything is ripe. However, they will probably enjoy planting flowers or trees in order to make your backyard appealing as well. So, next time you want to spend some quality time with your little ones, you needn’t go any further than your backyard. Be eco-friendlier at home From sorting trash and saving energy to choosing the right materials for flooring or furniture, there are many things you can do at home to make your everyday life environmentally friendly. As soon as your kids can walk and dispose of their own garbage, teach them to separate plastic from glass and paper from organic waste. Present it as a game at first, to get them animated. If they start doing it early enough, they’ll grow up knowing how to avoid the most common recycling mistakes. Brush your teeth at the same time as them, so that they see that you don’t let the water flow for longer than necessary. Plus, brushing teeth together is much more fun than doing it alone. If they see you turn off the lights when nobody is in a room, they won’t mind doing it themselves once they can reach the light switch. When redecorating your home, take them with you and let them choose some of the furniture. For instance, they can choose a beautiful natural jute rug for their own room and order it online. If jute isn’t something they like, they can get cotton and wool rugs in various colors and patterns. Eco-friendly children will grow into adults who treat this planet responsibly, so teach them while they’re young. Take them to a farm As an increasing number of parents try to raise environmental awareness in their children, farm owners have realized that they can help. This is why many of them have opened their gates for little visitors. In fact, some of them even offer weekend camping spots on their grounds. This could be a great opportunity to let your kids learn about farm animals and plants. For example, although your kid probably knows milk comes from cows, they’ll most likely be ecstatic if they get the chance to milk a cow themselves. Furthermore, perhaps you can introduce them to horse riding and its amazing benefits . Maybe they can pick apples, peaches, strawberries or any other seasonal fruits, or they can see how tomatoes, peppers or pumpkins are grown. By petting animals and interacting with them, your children will develop an appreciation for all life, which is priceless and something that can’t be taught from books, computers or TV. Finally, the fact that they’re outdoors in the fresh air is a great thing to begin with, since it can make them healthier, both physically and mentally. Making sure your children regard this planet with the utmost respect is something you should take upon yourself as a parent. After all, it isn’t a difficult job. All you have to do is show them by example and you’ll be fine.


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