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A $$ Tip! | olemissparents
Jun 28, 2018

A $$ Tip!

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I came across some info today that I want to share. My auto insurance, Traveler's, offers a reduction in your premium if you have a driver at school more than 100 miles away. Perhaps yours does too!



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  • Regardless of your child’s age, each new school year always brings mixed emotions and expectations. Everyone surely feels some excitement of a new beginning but it’s most often followed by concern as to how well the child will do at school and how much progress they’ll make. Moreover, expectations are different: parents always hope for good grades and useful skills whereas kids typically just want to have some fun and get as least amount of homework as possible. It’s certainly challenging to balance out these expectations but it can be done so that your child improves their academic performance and prospects of a successful career later in life. Create a daily routine and stick to it One of the essential ingredients of your child's success in school is their parents' interest and involvement. Unfortunately, for many them, the biggest obstacle in finding time in their hectic daily schedules. One solution lies in the creation of a daily timetable that includes homework and study time clearly stated with the time to relax, eat and unwind. These periods may vary and will depend on your child’s interest and your family’s rhythm but whatever you decide on, it’s essential you stay consistent so that you both can develop a healthy routine and stick to it. Designate a working space Having a designated work station can help kids focus better on their studies but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be rigid and insist on it being a desk. Some kids prefer doing their studying on their bed or on the floor as it allows them more freedom of movement, but it’s important there are no distractions. What matters most is that they feel relaxed and comfortable in that space and that they have all their work material at hand, so even if it’s not a typical desk, all the books, pens, papers and notebook can be all stored in a portable box. Establish ground rules In order to develop a functioning system, you need to establish ground rules. To help your kids complete their duties and stay organised, there need to be rules and clear structure. It’s best you keep them posted in the open for everyone to see what their responsibilities are in any given moment and you can even resort to giving certain incentives for work well done – it could be a fun activity such as going to the park or the cinema, as well as reasonable repercussions if rules were broken. Ask for professional help A significant part of the support system for your child’s academic performance is recognising when it’s time to get professional guidance and assistance. Many American and Australian students during their middle and high school age admit they struggle with calculus, maths, chemistry and physics and if these are not your areas of expertise, it’s advisable to find help. Don’t wait too long or for your child to ask for help, rather turn to maths tutoring experts who can offer their knowledge and expertise and by following the national curriculum, create individualized plans for your child’s needs and focus on achieving your desired goals. It’s also very important to bear in mind your child’s age, interests and abilities so you can have realistic expectations which don’t necessarily have to mean just higher grades. Encourage their curiosity Children are naturally curious and it’s an important ingredient of their development. Encourage them to explore and step out of their comfort zones by trying out new things and learning more about those things that spark their imagination. It often happens that the choice of their future line of work comes gradually as they continue exploring their interests. Sometimes it’s hard for teens to make up their minds about who they want to be and this is mostly due to the fact that their pre-frontal cortex, which is in charge of the decision making, is still developing during adolescence. That’s why it’s important you talk to your teenage kid about their interests in and out of school, encourage them to go wider and deeper in their passions and reassure them that if they go for one option now, it doesn’t mean they have to commit to it forever. Also, encourage them to test out their knowledge and skills in a part-time job so they can get a feel of the type of work they might enjoy in future. With these tips, your constant support and a positive attitude towards your child's abilities and performance, you can expect great results and long-term success.
  • � � Photo by Julia Raasch on Unsplash With Halloween just around the corner, most children are getting pretty excited about getting bags full of free candy. Who can blame them? Not only do they get to wear costumes and walk around the neighborhood with their friends, but they also get tons of sweets. However, parents, are also familiar with some of the health and safety challenges related to this fun holiday. Needless to say, most problems are related to children eating many more sweets than on a regular day, which can lead to all sorts of problems, especially in connection with their teeth. So, what can and should we do about it? Set limits A lot depends on your child’s attitude towards sweet treats. If they naturally self-regulate their consumption, you shouldn’t worry or impose unnecessary rules that might cause them to rebel. On the other hand, if your child has a particularly sweet tooth, you have to set some guidelines or even strict limits. That might include your taking all the treats and storing them out of their reach, so that you can control when they can eat their loot. Water � � Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash Though you may think this is redundant, since evenings in late October tend to be chilly, there is a good reason why you should give your child a water bottle when they eat chocolate or candy. Children in Australia, for example, are getting ready for the summer and they are already used to carrying a water bottle with them. Why is tap water good? Since most communities fluoridate water supplies, your child’s teeth will be stronger and more resistant to cavities because fluoride encourages “remineralisation”. Extra brushing always helps � � Photo by Superkitina on Unsplash Even if your child knows how to brush their teeth properly, you should introduce extra supervised brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing on Halloween night because of all the sugar. The same principle should be applied in the weeks to come, while they eat some of their candy stash. Again, Australian parents are doing a great job when it comes to dental hygiene in this period. Schedule visit to the dentist if needed It makes perfect sense to schedule a check-up with your child’s dentist before or after Halloween. Experts, such as this experienced dentist in Brisbane , will tell you if they notice some problem with your child’s teeth or gums and will advise you how to treat it. They can also have a chat with the child about the negative effects of sweets on their teeth, which should reinforce all your efforts in that respect. Make sure you know what your child is eating Apart from the obvious selection you need to make in case your child is allergic to an ingredient, such as peanuts, commonly found in sweets, you should also take a look at all the treats they bring home and eliminate those products that are particularly harmful to your child’s teeth. Hard candy, for example, can stay in the mouth for a long time. The length of time sugary food is in the mouth has a strong effect on tooth decay . Also, sticky candies, which cling to the teeth, take longer to get washed away by saliva and in turn cause tooth decay. Timing When giving your child sweets to eat, make sure you do it right after meals, since saliva production increases during meals, which helps cancel out acids produced by bacteria in your mouth and rinse away food particles. Don’t let your child have access to sugary treats between meals. It’s bad both for their dental health and diet. Avoid sugary beverages � � Photo by omid armin on Unsplash While most people are preoccupied with candies and other sweet treats, we have to remember that sugary beverages, such as soda and flavoured water, also damage the teeth and lead to tooth decay. So, don’t let your child consume such products if you want their teeth to be strong and healthy. All these tips can be implemented easily, without turning this fun holiday into a nightmare for your child. It’s important that you keep an eye on what your child is eating and talk to them about the negative effects of sugary food and beverages. If you manage to raise their awareness, you won’t have to go to the dentist very often and that is something every parent and child will surely appreciate.
  • Before, kitchens were made with no appropriate structure or style. Today, in this cutting edge world, kitchens are assuming a basic job in the association of family and companions. It has become wherever exercises area unit organized and selections area unit created. Regardless of whether you cook or not, the kitchen should have a happy climate. This is conceivable just on the off chance that we have premium kitchens. Notwithstanding kitchen utensils, gas burners and ledges, supreme kitchen sinks are likewise turning into a necessary piece of present day kitchen. The sumptuous sinks in the kitchen, for example, shading or enrichment, make your kitchen increasingly wonderful, alleviate you of your every day stress and make cooking and cleaning a lot simpler. Sumptuous kitchen sinks additionally enhance your home and make your kitchen one of a kind. The luxury premium sinks are accessible in stones, copper, stainless steel, wood and glass. A wide scope of sinks are accessible in stone kitchen sinks. Rock sinks are truly tough as they are natural and daring. Stone sinks are a decent option in contrast to customary sinks that won't just last yet in addition improve your kitchen. Albeit numerous stone sinks are immense in size, littler bowls are presently accessible that join the magnificence and quality of rock. The marble sinks give a splendid and rich completion to your extravagance kitchen. In any case, keeping up this perspective can be an issue, because of the porosity of the marble. Fixing counteracts this to a limited degree. Be that as it may, different juices, soft drinks and cleaning fluids can cause recolors on the marble. Holder sinks, regularly known as bowl sinks, are turning into the prominent pattern in extravagance cooking. The bowls of the compartments sit on the top rather than under the counter, in contrast to customary sinks. So they are progressively noticeable and own a significant plan expression. Presently they are created in an assortment of one of a kind and kitchen-accommodating materials, for example, stones, glass and wood. Copper kitchen sinks are in extraordinary interest as an extravagance kitchen sink because of their selective copper shading. Aesthetic plans and hand-pounded copper kitchen sinks are cherished by the individuals who value that their food is conventional and sumptuous. The kitchen sinks of the nation house, ordinarily called cover sinks, are another significant component in the situation of extravagance kitchen. The most well-known material for ranch washbasins is porcelain or lacquer. Yet, today, the copper kitchen sinks of farmhouses are accessible with legitimate organizations that assurance the nature of the copper utilized. The firecrackers kitchen sinks, another sink of the extravagance kitchen type, are made of porcelain that is thicker, denser and heavier than regular porcelain earth. Because of these qualities, kitchen sinks are more sturdy and milder than those of regular vitreous porcelain. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are the most utilized extravagance kitchen sinks , since they are impervious to consumption and are promptly accessible all over the place. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are normally made of high gauge stainless steel to make them impervious to gouges. It has a brilliant, splendid and alluring appearance and will vitalize the whole kitchen. They go well with a wide range of ledges and are anything but difficult to keep up contrasted with other stone or clay kitchen sinks. Despite the fact that there is a wide assortment and structures of premium kitchen sinks accessible, the correct choice of sink to coordinate with ledges and kitchen hardware is crucial to improve the magnificence of your kitchen. The life span of kitchen sinks will rely upon the manner in which they are kept up.


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